How to Organize B2B Events and Activate Your Marketing Programs

Buyers want to get to know the people behind the product as “people like to buy from people”. They need to have the impression of what it may be like to work with you, building trust and seeing how good a “fit” you may be as a business partner. While virtual contacts can be a quick and easy way to stay in touch, periodic physical meetings are still the best way to maintain a strong business relationship. If you haven’t seen a major customer in quite a while or you need to find out something critically important, then a physical meeting is a good idea. And with prospects, at least one face-to-face meeting is almost mandatory.

Considering efficiency of marketing budget, Event is an effective way to meet prospects, secure new leads and grow your business. With a carefully constructed event strategy, you can accelerate sales pipeline and drive increased revenue.

An ideal lead generating Event strategy must start at least 2-3 months before the D day, from database collection to prospects qualification. Aggressive post event approach is also seriously needed to convert prospects into leads.

Thorough lead generation marketing plans should be put in place to grow your customers before you can pass the leads on to the sales team to convert them into buying customers. An effective lead generation marketing plan should also involve steps for further nurturing, tracking for demand and customer trends.

We have worked with local and multi-national companies to activate their marketing programs, and we can help you to create a long-term plan in developing the success of your brand as well as executing the strategies in order to achieve your marketing goals where it is connected to your customer needs, emotions and competitive environment.

Key factors to succesful events:

  • Attract and promote to the right attendees
  • Offer valuable, relevant content
  • Develop pre-event, during-event and post-event strategy to get maximum impact
  • Set benchmarks for success

We will help you to implement one of your KPI factors by arranging Lead Generation B2B Events for your customers as well as your business partners, from preparing the targeted database, providing you with techniques to plan pre-event and post-event activities, to helping you to arrange and execute your corporate events and exhibitions. Therefore, you can interact with your prospects and customers and effectively build your Sales Funnels.

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